Nagaur is a city in the state of Rajasthan situated in the Nagaur district. The city was at first founded by a collection of people called the Naga Kshatriyas. The place is also called as Khatwan. The city has a Muslim history too. It was the center of attack for looting parties from Central Asian countries.

The Nagaur Fort is an significant building and it is the major tourist appeal in the place. The fort is built with sandstone and has been the epicenter of lots of battles and skirmishes. The fort was built in the 2nd century and there are various beautiful temples and buildings within the Nagaur Fort.

A different key place in the city is the Tarkeen Dargah. It is an significant site for a lot of Muslims in the area and the city has a well-built community of Muslims. The city also has a Jain Temple that has been built from glass and this is an vital and holy center for lots of Jains in the area too.

A number of the further tourist places in the area are Bansiwala Temple, Cenotaph of Amar Singh, Nath ki Chathri, Barli and Saji ki Tanka. The Khinsvar Fort is situated about 50 km away and is approximately 500 years old. This place is as well appeal visiting.