Ranakpur is a city placed in the Indian state of Rajasthan. This city is very trendy between tourists and is also a main pilgrim destination in the state. The city of Ranakpur is fairly cut off from further key destinations in Rajasthan, and is situated at a distance of on ninety six kilometres as of the city of Udaipur.

Ranakpur is largely famed for its Jain temples, which are all delicately carved structures. A view of these temples can be wonderful as seen with the setting of continual desert sands. The vast compound is with this inside walls, and houses Jain temples that are finished of amber stone.

The Chamukha temple that is situated in this compound is the key temple in the area. This temple is devoted to Adinathji, who is respected in the middle of Jains and regarded as the first tirthankara. This temple is a extremely enormous structure that has about twenty nine halls and nearly 1444 pillars in its premises. All these portions are definitely carved, and they are all sole. No two pillars or structures in this temple have the similar carvings. The temple is thus an architectural wonder that can stimulate some architecture beige or history beige who visits the place. The Parasvanath temple, the Neminath temple and the Sun Temple are the further must visit locations.