On your Journey to Rajasthan you can stay Ajmer, a growing town on the shoreline of the Ana Sagar Lake flanked by infertile hills. The city of Ajmer is a key center for Muslim pilgrims throughout the month long fast of Ramzan and has a number of imposing Muslim architecture. On your Ajmer Tour Itinerary you can trip the well-known Dargah Sharif, the mausoleum of a Sufi saint, which is similarly respected by the Hindus and Muslims. Holiday the admired historical sites of Ajmer on your Journey to Rajasthan.

Journey to Ajmer would get you to one of the most trendy close attractions of Pushkar. In history, the Ajmer area had substantial planned significance. The city was founded by Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan in the 7th Century AD and persistent to be a key center of the Chauhan power till 1193 AD when Mohammed Ghouri on one of his episodic forays from Afghanistan sacked it. As then Ajmer became residence to several dynasties, which came and gone leaving after permanent marks of their culture and society on the city's history, converting it to an mixture of a variety of cultures and a merge of Hinduism and Islam. The city was later taken over by the Scindias and in 1818 it was handed above to the British, attractive one of the few places in Rajasthan prohibited straight by the British rather than mortal part of a large state. Ajmer is one of the most admired destinations for tourists when they travel to Rajasthan India

On your Ajmer India Tour Package you can visit some well-liked places, which outline the main Tourist Attractions in Ajmer.