Mukundgarh, in north east Jhunjhunu district, is a history little village belonging to the legendary Shekhawati region in Rajasthan. An 18th century village, it catches attentions of tourists for its enormously impressive Mukundgarh Fort and its architectural excellence. Charming painted forts and havelis are a prime attraction in Mukundgarh that reminds tourists of the glorious bygone era of the princely state of Rajasthan.

By and large, the sprawling Mukundgarh Fort is the biggest draw in this sleepy and romantic village. The fort possesses a remarkable structure laden with open courtyards, gigantic ramparts and suspended balconies. The amazingly adorned paintings that dot the interiors of the fort lend it shades of grandeur and splendour. Now converted to a hotel, relishing the hospitality of this prime attraction- the fort- is considered a big draw for tourists in Mukundgarh.

Tourists with an artistic bent of mind love their stay here savouring the paintings of Mukundgarh havelis that depict mythological tales, historical glory and erstwhile social satires. More so, charming frescoes and mural too give joy to tourists here. In a nutshell, if you love a sleepy historical village with settings of an imposing fort, come here in Mukundgarh to realize your lifetime dream!