The 2nd century gorgeous Nagaur Fort is undoubtedly the most important tourist attraction in the city of Nagaur, Rajasthan. Large campus and high walls give it a unique identity and exhibit the architectural superiority of the erstwhile era. First built by Nagavanshisand then renovated by Mohammed Bahlim (a governor of the Ghaznivites), the beautiful and grand fort has three entrance doors which shows its grandness and epic nature of design.

Visitors to Nagaur Fort will find many temples, palaces, gardens and fountains inside the complex. Since the fort once also came in the possessions of the Mughal dynasty, it got the renovation works done by ShahJahan and Akbar. So, you can see Mughal Garden and Mosques there and surprisingly, they are still in good condition. The fort complex is a site of ruined and well-preserved structures from the bygone era.  

A visit to the Nagaur Fort is a great way to experience the history and pomp of the bygone era. Inside the fort complex, there are a number of palaces and other structures and although not all are in good state, they still evoke awe for their scale and architectural merits. Some of structures not to miss inside the complex include Akbari Mahal, Amar Singh Mahal, Bakhat Singh Palace, Hadi Rani Mahal and Deepak Mahal.