Nawalgarh is a city that is situated within the Jhunjhunu district of the state of Rajasthan. It is situated in the Sekhawati area and the city is recognized for its lots of havelis that are situated in nearly all places just about the city. The havelis are built on a big scale and one can see lots of frescoes and paintings on them. The city is one of the few places that several of these are still very well sealed. The city is situated in the North Eastern area of the state.

There are a small number of forts that are placed in the area additionally. The Bala Kila Fort is a well recognized fort that was built by Thakul Singh. Fategrah Fort is also a new attractive structure in the city of Nawalgarh. The further main buildings in the city are the Roop Niwas Palace, Sri Gopinath Ji Mandir and Lakshmi Narayan Mandir. These buildings are about 300 years old and are still potted in outstanding condition. The buildings are characterized by lots of windows that have several sculptures and carvings. The temples of the city of Nawalgarh have a exclusive architecture and there are numerous inlays and sculptures that are extremely rare. The Podar Haveli Museum has lots of paintings and is a good place to trip.