Samode is a city that is to be found near the city of Jaipur and it is a historical place situated in the Sekhawati area. The city is very well-known for the many havelis that are located in and around the place. One can also see a variety of mansions and further buildings in the city. The place is also recognized for its arts and one can purchase lots of handicrafts that are made in the city.

The most famed building in the city is the Samode Palace and this was built by a rich family called the Rawals, who inhabit in this region. The palace is over 400 years old and much re-establishment work has been done on the building and the palace is currently a heritage hotel. Numerous new trappings have been made to the new building and it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the region. The Sultan Mahal is the major part of the palace and has lots of pillars, well fixed and painted walls. The Samode Bagh is a garden situated around three kilometers from the palace and it is a new tourist spot and has been restored just.

One can also see several folk dances and melodious performances in the village, particularly in the evenings.