What are the current locations that you operate in?
At present, we offer services in Delhi, NCR region. Visit us to get local tour packages, inter-city car rental and car services to corporates.
How do I book a service or package with you?
You can visit our site, select from our services and packages and book any of them online. You can also book using your smartphone as our responsive mobile website is easy to use and access.
More so, you can also book by emailing us at info@saidaytours, or make a reservation by calling at +91 9810806872.
Do I need to pay the entire amount during booking?
We have three different ways of paying the amount-
  • Either you pay the entire 100% amount upfront at the time of booking
  • Or pay just 20% cost of the package or service in advance and the rest, before starting of the package
  • Or you also have the option of booking for free and paying the entire amount at the before the start of the package
What are the different modes of payment that you support?
  • You can pay using credit or debit card
  • You can use cash cards & net banking
In case of any excess amount payable at the end of the trip, you can use cash and give it to the drive.
Do I need to register with you for making a reservation?
No, we don't require any registration for booking. You should however register with us to get a lot of exciting benefits and offers. Please refer to our registration page to know more about the benefits to avail.
Should we need to pay anything other than charges or prices mentioned on the website?
Well, a YES or NO. You won't be required to pay anything extra in case of local tour. But you will require to pay in outdoor tour as such packages may involve parking, toll or permit charges. You can pay these charges directly at the places or points there are asked or they happen.
What happens after I place a reservation with SaiDayTours?
After making a reservation with us, you will get a confirmation SMS to your mobile number and an email. Your will get car & driver details before the trip starts. In case of any doubt, you can call our customer care or directly call on our mobile numbers.
How do I know that my booking is confirmed?
We send an SMS and email for all booking from us to confirm the booking. More so, registered users can also track the status of their online booking by using the booking number or codes sent along with the SMS or email.
Can I modify my booking after placing the reservation with you?
Yes, you can modify your booking even after placing the reservation with us. Registered users can modify booking online without any help from us. Other users can call our customer service or call on our mobile number and inform about any modification. We request you to read our modification and cancellation policy to know more about the same.
When will I get the car & driver details for my reservation with SaiDayTours?
Car & driver details are often sent on the day the trip commences. It's a standard norm at us to send those details a minimum of 3 hours before the trip starts. SaiDayTours always strives to provide car & driver details to you as early as possible.
On completion of my trip, if there is excess payment - how do I settle this?
In such cases, the payment is made to the driver and that too, only in cash.
Is it safe to use my credit/debit card details on your website?
Yes, it's absolutely safe to use credit/debit card details on our site. In fact, all transactions done on SaiDayTours are extremely safe and you needn't worry. For safety, our website uses a 128-bit SSL encryption technology compliant solution certified by VeriSign.
How do I cancel my booking?
Any cancellation of a booking with us can be done in two ways:
  • Email at info@saidaytours.com
  • Or call our customer support or inform on the given mobile number
We request you to read our cancellation and modification policy to get more clarity on the same.
What are the cancellation policies?
To know more on this subject, please read our cancellation and modification policy.
What happens if I don't turn up at the pickup location after making a reservation?
In such case, we will consider it a no-show on your part. As a result, you will forfeit the entire booking amount or you will lose the entire booking amount. You must note that, our cancellation policies do not, and will not apply in this case.
What happens if the car for my reservation does not turn up?
If the car does not show up for any unspecified reasons, you need to inform or call us or our customer service to inform about the same. We will do the best to arrange or allot a new car for the trip, that too, at the earliest. And if we could not, in that case, we will do a full refund.
How do I get a refund and how long will it take?
Refunds from us usually take a maximum of 10-working days to materialize as they are subject to the involved payment gateway and concerned banks. In case it takes more than that, please mail us at support@saidaytours.com.
How is the total fare/price calculated for an Airport Pick-Up / Drop-Off?
We charge a fixed amount/cost for airport pick-up/ drop-off and the rate is clearly mentioned on our website. This cost is inclusive of service tax but does not include parking charges.
How is the fare calculated for a local trip?
a.) Charges are not calculated based on your pick-up to drop point; they are rather calculated from our garage to garage basis.

b.) Packages will vary depending the city and car model selected. In general, we rent acar for a base package, which is:
  • 4 Hours & 40 Kms
  • Or 8 Hours & 80 Kms
  • Or 8 Hours & Unlimited Kms

c.) Extra charges for time/ or distance will apply in case you make excess use of the car or exceed the limit of the base package

d.) Our charges mentioned on the websites do not include either any parking, toll tax of permit fee. You are required to pay these charges- if they arise- during the trip or at the end of the journey. You can always ask the driver for the receipt to make relevant payment in this regard. In case you feel any disagreement or discrepancy in this regard, feel free to call our helpline (+91 98 1080 6872).

e.) A night allowance is also applied for some cities or in certain cases where the drive runs the vehicle during night hours (10pm to 5am). This allowance will depend on the city & car and it tends to vary, but in general, it ranges betweenRs. 150 to Rs. 1000 per day.
Example: - Base Package (8 Hours & 80 Kms) :Rs 1000, Extra Hour : Rs 100, Extra Km : Rs 10
6 Hours & 70 Kms :Rs 1,000
10 Hours & 80 Kms :Rs 1,200 (1000+(2*100))
7 Hours & 120 Kms :Rs 1,400 (1000+(40*10))
12 Hours & 100 Kms :Rs 1,600(1000+(4*100)+(20*10))
How is the fare calculated for an outstation trip?
a.) Charges will never be applied based on your pick-up point to drop point; rather they are applied on our garage to garage basis

b.) In calculation of charges, the distance & number of days the car are counted and then charges are applied.

c.) A minimum per day charge will be there regardless of the car usages. Which means, you will have to pay per day charges based on the ratio of 200Km/225Km/250Km/300Km (it will vary on the city & car).

It means, if you rent a car for 3 days but use it for a minimum 250 kms, then you will need to pay the rent for 3 days or for 750 Kms (250 x 3).

d.) Besides, you will also need to pay a driver allowance (for the driver's food and stay expenses). This allowance will depend on the city and car and obviously, it will vary. But in general, this allowance will range between Rs 200 to Rs 1000 per day.

e.) A driver night allowance will also be involved, in case the travel or any journey takes place between 10 PM to 5 AM. This allowance will obviously vary and depend on the city and car but in general, it's Rs. 250 per day.

f.) You must know that, charges on our website do not include any parking, toll tax, state tax or service tax. However, they will be charged either as and when they happen or at the end of the trip or journey. You can ask the driver for the relevant receipts to make the payment. In case of any doubt on this front, feel free to call our helpline (+91 98 1080 6872).
What do you mean by "Per Person on Twin Sharing Basis"?
This indicates that the rates are for one personwhereas the accommodation is on twin-sharing, i.e., two people are sharing the room. Rates are different with single occupancy. Give us a call for these rates.
What is the standard check-in/out time in the hotels?
The standard check-in time is after 1400 hrs (local time) while the check-out time is 12 noon. These timings however are not fixed and subject to change depending on the season and city. We advise you to get in touch with the agent for the policy of the chosen hotel.
What's the difference between a Double & a Twin Room?
A Double Room will have 1 King-size bed whereas a Twin room will have 2 Single or Queen-sized beds.
What does half-board and full-board stands for?
A full-board meal plan will include all 3 meals of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) whereas only breakfast and one major meal- either lunch or dinner, is included in half- board plan.
What does EP, CP, MAP & AP stands for?
They stand for:
  • EP means European Plan (Room only basis)
  • CP means Continental Plan (Room with Breakfast)
  • MAP means Modified American Plan (Room with Breakfast and One Major Meal)
  • AP means American Plan (Room with All Meals)
What is a SaiDayTours Holiday Package and how is it different from a SaiDayTours Holiday Deal?
A Holiday Package is often a detailed itinerary which includes all what is needed for a trip including a hotel stay, meals, sightseeing, tours, transfers and transportation.
Whereas a Holiday Deal will include a hotel stay and all what visitors / customers want to include in it.
Can more than three adults stay in one room?
It's common for most hotels to allow extra people to stay in a room for an additional charge, provided the number of extras does not go beyond the norm set for the room. Hotels may also cancel a reservation or ask for the booking of an additional room/s where you have more guests than allowed. In case of any doubts, it's always a better option to check with the hotel for charges for extra guests or norms related to the same.
If I want to customize my holiday package in terms of where I want to stay, what Inclusions I want, and in what price range, will SaiDayTours be able to help me with that?
Yes, we will. In fact, we do this with for guests on a regular basis. Just call us or drop a mail at info@saidaytours.com with your query. Be rest assured of the best customized package for you.
Who do I write to in-case I face problems on tour or while booking?
You can either call us or drop us an e-mail at info@saidaytours.com.
Last month when I checked a holiday package on SaiDayTours, the amount was different. But this month when I checked the same package, the amount had changed. Why is that so?
In general, the rates or prices shown on the site are quotation only with no blocking or booking. They are subject to changes and the variation will depend based on their availability.
So If I want to book a holiday package mentioned on the site, it is not confirmed that I will be able to book it?
All holiday packages and deals will depend, and subject, to the availability with the hotel. Once we receive your query, we will check with the hotel for room/s availability. We will charge for the payment package/s only once the hotel has confirmed the availability of the room.
On some months the rates for a particular package are high and on some months the rates are low for that some package. Why is that so?
During peak seasons and festivals, special rates shall apply and the ‘package inclusions' may vary, even without any notice. That apart, rates generally change twice a year- in April (off season) and September (peak season).
I have a child with me for a holiday. Will there be any charged for him/her as well?
Most hotels will have a separate child policy. Hotels often follow 3 types of policies when it comes to children, including:
  • The stay will be complimentary in the hotel if a child is below 5 years of age (this age-limit norm will vary from hotel to hotel)
  • Special child rates will apply in case the child is between 5 to 12 years (the age-limit norm will vary from hotel to hotel)
  • Most hotels give visitors the freedom to choose an extra bed (in lieu of extra charges) for the child or accommodate the child without an extra bed.
I like a hotel package on SaiDayTours and sent the query for the same. But the call center executive told me this hotel is not available. Why is that so?
Hotels are subject to availability. We first check the hotel about the room/s availability and only then post them onto sites or give you the payment confirmation. In case the hotel selected or mentioned is not available, we then share details of hotels from a similar category or give options of choosing from similar packages.
How do I make payment for a holiday package that I liked on SaiDayTours.com?
SaiDayTours Holidays does not ask you to pay immediately to book your package. Rather, the booking process will have an offline mode as well. The steps involved in booking a package with us include-
  • Before submitting a query, you can analyze package plans, itineraries, inclusions and prices etc.
  • If you want more information of any deal or package, or want to book it, you can then click the "Send Query" button of that deal
  • Fill in your complete details including name, email ID, contact details and no. of travelers etc. so that we can provide you detailed information on that
  • Within 24 working hours, our call center executive will call you to inform you more for that package so that you can go ahead with the booking
  • And once you find the holiday package to your liking, then the call center executive will redirectyou to the payment page
Is it necessary for me to enter my e-mail ID and phone number at the time of submitting query?
Yes, it's a must for you. In case you did not share a valid email ID or phone number with us, our call center executive won't be able to contact you to either clear your doubts or confirm your bookings or share your booking details.
How do I know if my booking was successful?
Once any transaction is completed with us, an email confirmation is sent from us with all booking details. You are required to carry a print out of the same confirmation email at the time of the travel.
What If I don't get a confirmation of my Holiday Package Booking?
The confirmation voucher is sent within 24 hours after making the booking. In case it took more than the standard norm or duration, feel free to call or mail us at info@saidaytours.com.
What are the cancellations charges for Holiday Packages?
Cancellation charges depend on the hotel/city for which the package is booked. So, these charges will vary. For more details in this regard, contact our customer support agent.
Can I cancel my holiday tour midway?
Yes, you can. But in that case, you will forfeit the package amount which is non-refundable.