Rajsamand is a town in the famed western Indian state of Rajasthan. It falls in a region that is rich in mineral resources. In fact, the area ranks among the prime suppliers of stones, including marble and granite. The popularity of the place arises from the Rajsamand Lake or Rajsamudra Lake. The identity of the city is due to this 17th century lake, and it’s the major attraction here.

Rajsamand is some 65 away from Udaipur and attracts tourists for its legendary lake. Kankroli is the nearby city whose popularity is due to the Kankroli temple. This 16th century temple was built by Maharana Raj Singh, and is also known as the 'Temple of Dwarikadhish'. Devoted to Lord Krishna and resembling the popular Nathdwara shrine, this temple invites a big number of devotees each year.

The town of Kankroli in Rajsamand has quite a few other attractions of note. The Haveli Mandir also receives a good number of spiritual visitors. Similarly, Haldi Ghati (the yellow valley) is another place of merit here visited by many. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Chetak Tomb. For those with curiosity of the industry or trade, marble mining sites can be a place to be.

Rajsamand is also popular for its industrial units of premier tyre maker – JK Tyre Factory. But yes, the primary identity of the town is due to the lake, which is on Gomati, Kelwa, and Tali Rivers. In fact, the lake ranks among the best of Mewar – an impressive feat for an artificial lake. The historical worth of the lake is truly remarkable, thus catching a lot of attention.   

The best part of the lake is delightfully carved pavilions ornamented with pictures of many things, including the Sun, gods, birds and chariots. Detailed carvings are also done to enhance its overall charm. More so, its association with the World War II elevates its status to a great height. In overall, visit Rajsamand to spend quality time at a lake that is truly remarkable in all aspects!