Bundi is a pure and outstanding architectural delight in the Hadoti region of the northwest Indian state of Rajasthan. It’s a small yet remarkably unique town whose landscape is charmingly dominated with ornate forts, palaces, and step-well reservoirs ( baoris). From magnificent fort to striking palaces, from lovely havelis (mansions) to cenotaphs with carved pillars - the town is richly blessed with architecture of varied hues.

Bundi is a fascinating town in true sense, and its popularity also emanates from miniature paintings. A number of enchanting attractions dots the space here, spearheaded by beautifully-carved Rajput architecture with brackets and pillars. The charm of the region is greatly enhanced by the presence of gleaming rivers, lakes and awesome waterfalls. Rare species of flora and fauna are present here, and a big part of the town is covered with sylvan.

Such profound is the beauty and charm of Bundi to have become inspiration for many a great artists, painters and writers, including the legendary Rudyard Kipling. If the medieval forts, temples, havelis and palaces lend it a timeless appeal, then the tranquil atmosphere and stunningly expressive landscape makes an ideal retreat for a nature lovers. Being located at the foothills of a big hill and having a lake at the center further makes it enchanting.

Tourist attractions in Bundi capture the imagination and tempt visitors to bask in the combination of natural settings and medieval charm. The 14th century Taragarh Fort is a prime attraction here that includes a big battlement (Bhim Burj), cannon and a big reservoir. The Bundi Palace delights for exquisite murals and epitomize the Indian royalty. Step-wells (baoris) here further add to the overall splendor of the town.

The temple of Lord Varuna (God of Rains) is another notable attraction here. Visitors here must not miss the royal court of Ratan Daulat or Diwan-e-Aam, 84 Pillared Cenotaph, Nawal Sagar, Chitrashala, Raniji-ki-Baori, Sukh Mahal, Phool Sagar Palace and Shikar Burj. In overall, Bundi is worth a visit for its old-world charms in the calm settings.