Luni, 35 kms off Jodhpur, is a charming small village and a popular tourist attraction that reminds of the glorious past of Rajasthan. Known mostly for River Luni and Fort Chanwa, the place exudes every ounce of the royalty and elegance that this princely state had once enjoyed. Being a secluded village with shades of history, it catches the attention of those who want solitude against the backdrop of history.

Reaching Luni is a way to make an instant connect with the past and feel its shades of culture. A large chunk of people here still pursue their inherited vocation of carving metal, wood and clay to give it intricate designs. However, the Fort Chanwa is what tourists mostly come here for, a marvellous depiction of elegance and precision prevailing in the erstwhile Indian Architecture.

This fort, entirely shaped out of the famed red sandstone of Jodhpur, is a replica of grace and grandeur of the previous era. The expertise of the craftsmen of erstwhile period can easily be gauged by just looking at the traditional paintings on the walls. Besides the imposing fort, Luni village warps romantic settings on its sleeve for being located in the silhouette of fort walls.