Privacy Policy

SaiDayTours has care and concern about the privacy of its users accessing its website,, and has put in place this Privacy Policy to make them know about the manners of its collection, usages and disclosing of the information collection through the website.

By using the website, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this policy. You are advised not to use the website if you don’t agree with the inherent terms and conditions.

1. Information and Usage
The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain how SaiDayTours gathers personal and non-personal data or information discloses and protects this information through the website. As per this website, the personal information would include name, gender, telephone number, address, birth date, email ID etc.

SaiDayTours collects only such personal information that is deemed relevant to understand the user and their interests. The personal information is collected for purposes like supporting your participation in the chosen activities, benefitting you from website experience, tracking your preferences etc and notifying you from time to time about functions, offers etc from SayDayTours.

In order to make the website more effective, SaiDayTours keeps collecting personal information for every visit of yours to know and serve you better. The information we collect may include IP address, the kind of browser used and the operating system. These data are used to know about users visiting the website.

We inform, and assume your agreement, in our sharing of some of the information related to the website and your visit may be shared with our associates and partners to enhance and grow the business. We however assure not to misuse this information in any capacity.

Cookies are also used by us to collect your information when you visit the website, where your activities are recorded for marketing and promotional purposes. You can change the browser setting of your computer to stop cookies from storing or collecting data about your website visits. In the case of declining cookies, you may not enjoy and experience in the best way possible.

SaiDayTours does not engage in trading or selling personal information of the user in many manner, except as specified for marketing and promotional purposes. Personal information is used to facilitate use of the website, to respond to the queries, to inform about products and services, to inform about changes, to boost and personalize the experience etc. SaiDayTours takes every measure possible to protect and save the information collected from the user. You however should know that no internet site is free from security risks.

2. Shared Personal Information
You are advised to show discretion in the use of the web and share personal information, as the net world is not 100% safe and secure.

3. Links to Third Party Websites
In your communication with SaiDayTours, you may be sent links and 3rd party ads to other websites or products or services. SaiDayTours never shares your information with these sources or websites, however, hold the right to share with you the advertisements from any of these partners or associates.