The Cenotaph of Amar Singh Rathore in Nagaur, Rajasthan, is a monument of great historical significance to the people of India. The monument commemorates the bravery and valor of the exiled eldest son of the Maharaja of Marwar. Rightly so, the monument is built following the Rajput style of architecture and holds immense significance in the region. The cenotaph showcases the craftsmanship at its best.

A visit to the cenotaph of Amar Singh gives visitors an opportunity to not only relish an architectural beauty but also get captivatedby the tales of the bravery possessed and showcased by the eponymous king. Although the monument is beautiful, the real charm of it lies in the knowing the qualities displayed by the man it’s dedicated to. Amar Singh had to serve into the Mughal army after facing an exile from the family.

Serving in the army of ShahJahan, Amar Singh impressed one and all with his bravery and won lots of accolades. His rising fame however trouble many of his contemporaries in the court and some unfortunate event led to his killing. Even today, many a folksong and movie has been made to honor the bravery of the man. So, visit this iconic monument and revisit the courage of Amar Singh.