Neemrana is a historical and beautiful town in the Alwar district of the western Indian state of Rajasthan. Surrounded by scenic beauty, the town is small yet possesses an indescribable charm of the bygone eras. A fascinating tourist site, it’s the place where art meets enigma to create a unique charm. The backdrop is replete with nostalgia and architectural grandeur to lend it a haunting allure of distinct variety.  

Neemrana has some wonderful artifacts of history in the form of fabulous palaces, fort, lakes and museums, which are adequately sufficient to catch the fancy of those reveling in ‘period settings’. The major attraction is the fort atop a plateau, whose splendor soars notches up for the milieu of Aravalli Mountains. The fort is now a Heritage Hotel, and draws a huge crowd for meeting history and hospitality in a superb way.

Tourists in Neemrana can avail sightseeing and excursions to visit some of amazing places of the state. The magnificent 18th century Vinay Vilas Mahal would delight for its fine amalgamation of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture. The gold-adorned Durbal Hall is a must visit here. Visit the museum to gaze at a great compilation of weapons and murals. The fort is a treasure of history, so don’t miss it.

The Bala Quila (Fort) is another place of historical significance – a fort that gave sanctuary to many exiled Mughal princes. Located on top of a hillock, it’s grand in size and wraps innumerable tales of the past. For wildlife enthusiasts, the Sariska National Park would be a perfect place at an hour drive or so. The park ranks among the most popular in India, so visit it for sure.

A trip to Neemrana is incomplete without going to the Siliserh Lake – the 18th century marvel. This historical site stretches in miles and houses a palace-cum-heritage-hotel. Make sure to cover all those excursions around to add value to the trip. In short, Neemrana is a perfect place to savor charming slices of the past in a calm and serene setting!