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Users are advised to read the terms of use carefully before using or registering on the website. Read carefully before you access any material, information or services on this website or through the website.

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1. General
www.SaiDayTours.com ("website") is a web-based portal owned and operated by Excursions India Tours & Travels, a proprietary Agency incorporated under the Indian laws with the registered office at, 158, Street No. 13, Balbir Nagar (Extn.), Shahdara, New Delhi - 32. Use of the website is available upon acceptance of all the notices, terms and conditions inherent in these Terms, together with any changes made by SaiDayTours at is sole discretion and published on the Website, including the imposition of any additional charges for accessing or using a Service.

SaiDayTours is not bound to notify You of any changes made to the Terms of Use. Moreover, your use of the Website and the Services is subject to the latest version of the Terms of Use posted / available on the website at the time of use. Users are requested to visit the home page www.SaiDayTours.com to be updated with any changes to the Terms of Use. It's the responsibility of the user to check these Terms of Use regularly for changes.

By using this website or any service available or offered by this website in any way, you fully agree to have read, understood and agreed to abide by these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy available at the homepage, www.SaiDayTours.com.

2. Services
The Website is a platform that enables the distribution of information on SaiDayTours, and lets potential customers to communicate with SaiDayTours. The website offers car-rental, city-tour and tour package services at a fee to be purchased either by credit card, net banking and debit card OR guaranteed through a pre-authorization on a valid credit card, as clearly conveyed at the time of booking. SaiDayTours holds the rights to bring amendments to these fees and payment modes, together with adding or removing services and making any changes whatsoever to the website at its sole discretion.

3. Eligibility to Use
The services made available at the website are not available to minors under the age of eighteen (18) or to those already suspended or removed from the SaiDayTours system by SaiDayTours for any reason whatsoever. Those not conforming to the mentioned qualification shall not be allowed to avail the services or use the website. However, those who are below the age of 18 years may avail the services through their legal guardian in accordance with the applicable laws.

Similarly, SaiDayTours holds the right to deny access to use the available services at the website to new users, or terminate the access already granted to existing users, at any time without offering any reasons or any notifications.

No user is allowed to have more than one active Account on the Website, as per the terms. In addition, you are not allowed to sell, trade, or either transfer your account to another party.

4. User Account, Password, and Security
The services shall be also subject to additional terms, including sale terms, notices, uploaded guidelines and other disclaimer etc. To avail of the services offered by the website, users may be required to register by creating an account. It's you, the user, who will bear the responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the Account Information, apart from owning accountability for all the activities taking place under the said account.

User Agrees To:-

  • Immediately inform or notify SaiDayTours of any unauthorized access or use of Your Account Information or any other breach of security.
  • Ensure to exit from Your Account at the end of each session.

SaiDayTours cannot, and will not, be held liable for any loss happening from your failure to abide by this section. On the other hand, it's you who will be held responsible or liable for losses or damages incurred by SaiDayTours or any other user or visitor to the Website arising from your failure in keeping the Account Information secure and confidential. Restricted access to the services is allowed by the website to unregistered users. User, or you, shall guarantee to have offered complete, genuine and up-to-date account information in the registration form. It's expressly prohibited to use the account information of another or other user to avail the services.

SaiDayTours reserves the right to suspend or terminate Your Account and turn down any and all current or future use of the Website if it finds to have been furnished with untrue or wrong information by you.

5. User Obligations
SaiDayTours grants users a non-exclusive, limited privilege to access and use this Website and the Services offered therein, subject to agreement with the Terms of Use. You agree to use the website, its services and the materials offered therein only for purposes allowed by the Terms of use and by the law and its accepted guidelines in the relevant jurisdictions. You agree to abide by the inherent terms and limitations on distribution, use and reproduction of any materials in the website. You agree to fully conform to the rules regarding the access of the website, and also agree not to access any part of material of the website by any means other than through the interface offered by SaiDayTours. You acknowledge getting or finding content from other users that you may find offensive, filthy or otherwise objectionable. SaiDayTours denies any liabilities arising from such offensive content on the Website but encourages you to report them in the manner conveyed in the terms.

You hereby undertake to ensure that any material posted and uploaded by you on the website is not offensive and abides by the applicable law. You also undertake not to engage in any activities that violate the legal rights of others in any visible or invisible ways. You undertake to follow the general laws and rules offered in the website during your course of association, enjoyment and dealing with either the website or any other user. You undertake to never harm the website or engage in any direct or indirect activity or action that brings any visible or invisible harm to the website or any other user associated with the site.

You agree to be responsible to SaiDayTours and to any 3rd party for any violation of your obligations under the Terms of Use and for the consequences arising out of any such breach.

6. Use of Materials
With the exception of anything specifically notified to the contrary in any applicable Additional Terms, SaiDayTours hereby offers user a non-exclusive, freely revocable and non-transferable access of viewing, downloading and printing any materials on the website, subject to you abiding by the certain conditions, including:-

  • Such materials would solely be accessed or used in accordance with the law for personal purposes
  • No modification or alteration done to any materials on the website
  • You won't engage in selling, renting, leasing or licensing any materials to others.

No permission is granted in regard to the design, layout or look and feel of the website, other than visiting them. Without the express written permission of SaiDayTours, no software available on the website can be used or abused in whatever way possible.

7. Usage Conduct
You are lawfully bound to use this website for reasonable and lawful purposes only, and shall never engage in any act or activity not supposed through the website.

8. Intellectual Property Rights
8.1 The Website and all its content (texts, graphics and everything that comes under the preview of the text), together with the processes, are governed, preserved and protected by copyright, patent and trademark laws. All the materials on the website are also protected under various other intellectual property rights.

8.2 You're not permitted to use any material, logos and service marks displayed on the website without the prior permission of SaiDayTours, the vendor or the 3rd party, as we are parties holding the rights for these materials.

8.3 SaiDayTours holds all intellectual property rights to and into the trademark and the Website. You agree and acknowledge to never engage in the act of copying, republishing, posting, displaying, reproducing or distributing any content without the needful authorization from SaiDayTours or third party owners.

9. Third Party Content
The provision of Third Party Content is for general informational purposes only. SaiDayTours neither does offer any guarantee in regard to the third party content nor bears accountability for any harm or losses caused due to use of them.

10. Disclaimer Of Warranties Liability
You expressly agree that the website, services and other materials made available by SaiDayTours comes with "as is" basis without warranty of any kind. No information or advice, whether written or oral, received by you from SaiDayTours, by any means, shall create any warranty not expressly stated in the terms of use.

SaiDayTours also disclaims any and all liability arising out of the misuse, loss, modification or unavailability of any user content. SaiDayTours has striven hard to ensure that all the information on the website is true, genuine and correct, but we, the company, neither guarantee nor make any representations in regards to the quality, correctness or completeness of any data, including information, product or service. SaiDayTours shall not be held accountable to the delay or inability to use the website or inherent functionalities or any information. We shall bear no responsibility for the non-availability of the website for any technical failure or reasons beyond the control of SaiDayTours.

SaiDayTours bears no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions to any information made available to you, whether on behalf of itself or third parties.

11. Indemnification and Limitation of Liability
You consent to indemnify, defend and keep SaiDayTours and all its associates, including the employees, away from harm against any and all losses, liabilities, claims, damages, demands, or expenses arising out of any breach or non-performance of any agreement or obligations under these terms of use.

In no event shall SaiDayTours, its associates, partners and employees be liable to you for any special, incidental, indirect, consequential or punitive losses or damages whatsoever.

12. Violation of the Terms of Use
You agree that SaiDayTours has the sole discretion, and not bound to notifying, to terminate or block or whatever it deems fit, your access to the website if it finds you violating any of the Terms of Use or Additional Terms. You also agree that any violation by you is the appropriate ground for SaiDayTours to seek any injunctive or equitable relief appropriate in such circumstances. You also agree that SaiDayTours may terminate your access to the website for causes, reasons or breach mentioned or not, seeable or unforeseeable, or sated or otherwise.

Even in cases where SaiDayTours decides not to seek legal route against you for any breach or violation, it's entitled to recover from you, and you consent to pay, all genuine charges or costs arising from such action, together with other reliefs granted.

13. Termination
The Terms of Use will continue to be applicable until terminated by either you or SaiDayTours as the route or action set forth below. To terminate the account with SaiDayTours, you need to stop accessing the website and close the accounts used for all the services, where the option is available. SaiDayTours holds the right to terminate the Terms of Use, or any of its portions or anything inherent in it, without any prior notice to you, in case if finds any breach of provisions by you.

The Terms of Use can also terminate the Terms of Use where it's needed by the law, or when it's no longer commercially viable, or when SaiDayTours has decided the same without any obvious reasons, stated or otherwise, fully or partially. You agree that SaiDayTours has sole discretion for all terminations and shall not be held accountable or liable, neither does any or its associate or third party or partner, for anything arising out of the said act.

14. Governing Law
All transactions with the website and the use of these Terms of Use, together with the relationship between the user and SaiDayTours, shall be governed in accordance to the laws of India. You agree that any dispute, together with differences and claims, arising in any ways with regard to your use of the website shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts at New Delhi.

15. Report Abuse
SaiDayTours encourages users to come forward and report any abuse or violation of the terms or posting of objectionable content on the website, or anything objectionable they may found. You can send us mail at, info@saidaytours.com

16. Privacy Policy
You, the user, hereby consent to have read and fully understood the Privacy Policy of SaiDayTours in respect of the Website. You further agree to abide by the terms and contents of such Privacy Policy.

17. Communications
SaiDayTours would like to inform users about its communication policy where we may get in contact, or communicate to you, the user, through routes like SMS, e-mails etc, from time to time. You however will have the choice to ‘not receive' those communications by ‘unsubscribing'. Kindly visit the site and read the terms to know the ways to stop receiving those communique.

18. General Provisions
You must know that, all notices of SaiDayTours are, and will be, served by email or by general notification on the Website. Any notice to SaiDayTours in respect to the Terms of Use should be reached only at the customer support.

SaiDayTours is not bound to seek your consent in freely transferring the rights inherent in the Terms of Use, however, you are strictly prohibited, and lawfully bound, to engage in any such acts.

19. Feedback and Information
Any feedback offered to this website by a user shall be considered to be non-confidential vesting SaiDayTours with due rights to use them on an unrestricted basis. Further, your feedback shall not bind SaiDayTours in any way, written or otherwise, in regard to confidentiality, compensation or claims in any manner.

20. Terms and Conditions of Use:
20.1) Payments of any city-tour, car rentals or tour packages shall follow the rates and schedules confirmed to you by SaiDayTours at the time of booking. However, any extra payment arising out of your further stretching, in a deliberate way, the already mentioned services (which is bound to incur extra charges), has to be settled in any of following ways:-

a) In case of Day Tours, you have to pay to the driver or any SaiDayTour's representatives those extra charges or costs.
b) In case of Tour Packages, any balance amount should be paid to SaiDayTour's representatives, even before starting the tour.
c) In case of Car Rentals, you have to pay to, or settle with the driver of the vehicle any extra amounts due or incurred.

20.2) You agree and acknowledge your own sole risk in the use of the services provided by SaiDayTours. Any kind of warranty or representation to the services is not claimed by SaiDayTours whether express or implied, in regard to quality, suitability, fitness etc. The liability of SaiDayTours is excluded to the extent allowed by the law.

20.3) SaiDayTours claims no representation or guarantee of its service/s to either be timely, secure, error-free, uninterrupted, or meet the customer requirements.

20.4) SaiDayTours shall bear no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage caused or suffered by You, coming out of the use/usages of services offered, and also to the failure to offer services for any reason.

20.5) SaiDayTours shall bear no liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising out of any failure to offer a vehicle to You within the agree-upon or any stipulated time.

20.6) Upon the demand, you shall indemnify SaiDayTours from or against any or all losses, charges, liabilities, claims, demands, actions and proceedings arising out of your use of the services offered by SaiDayTours.

20.7) SaiDayTours reserves rights to terminate any booking at any time even without giving any prior notice to you, the customer.
Full responsibility of the luggage and belongings rests with the customers. SaiDayTours shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage of the luggage or belongings during the journey.

20.8) Any dispute between the customer and SaiDayTours shall be referred to an Arbitrator, appointed by SaiDayTours in its sole discretion.

20.9) The customer warrants to abide by all the procedures and guidelines in regard to the use of SaiDayTour's services. The customer warrants to comply with all the applicable laws in regard to the services offered by SaiDayTours.

20.10) Any insurance cover, offered as a part of the service/product by SaiDayTours shall be dependent on the terms and conditions of the insuring company, and the customer shall have to contact the insurance company for any claims.

21. Pricing Information
SaiDayTours will offer you with the prices of the products and services listed on the website. You agree to pay using genuine and accurate credit/debit card net banking details, not and never the wrong details or use of cards obtained by unlawful ways. SaiDayTours holds no liability whatsoever in regard to any loss or damage coming directly or indirectly from the decline of authorization for any transaction.

You are liable, and you also agree, to pay in cash to the driver of the vehicle, any extra charges arising out of the service availed from SaiDayTours.

22. Cancellation / No Show / Modification / Refunds
You agree to abide by our charges arising out of your cancellation, no show, refunds or modification for any service whose payment is already made. For more info, please see our CANCELLATION AND MODIFICATION POLICY.

23. Copyright Policy
SaiDayTours holds the copyright inherent in this Website. SaiDayTours also hold the rights to use contents of the vendors and third parties. You shall abide by the copyright protection rule applied to all materials and contents available and displayed on the website. You are strictly prohibited to engage in any alteration, modification, or redistribution of any part of the contents in the website. No user is permitted, with the exception of the express written consent of SaiDayTours, to either distribute or commercially exploit the contents on this website. No user is allowed to either transmit or store the content anywhere, or on any other site.

24. Intellectual Property Rights Policy
www.SaiDayTours.com contains all the associated trademarks, logos, service marks, trade names and other marks which are the intellectual property of either SaiDayTours or their vendors or associated third parties. Every user is legally bound, or not permitted, to use the marks without the prior consent of SaiDayTours or the vendor or the third party owning the mark.

All the contents, including the texts, graphics, designs, look-and-feel etc, come under the protection of copyright, trademark and other applicable intellectual property laws, and not allowed to use without proper permission from the relevant owner.