Allahabad, in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, is a vastly significant city with a great religious, historical and political backdrop in its fold. Located on the sacred confluence of the rivers Ganges, Yamuna and mythical Sarasvati, it’s the second oldest city in the country. Historically named Prayaga or “place of offerings" for its positioning of the confluence of three sacred rives, the city has a strong place in the sacred echelons of Hinduism, in more than one way. 

Originally called Kaushambi, Allahabad was once a center of the great Mughal Empire and also witnessed British imperialism. Once the fiefdom of the Kuru rulers of Hastinapur, and for years, a backbone of the Doab region, it has gone through periods of upheavals in its existence, and was also a key center for the Indian Freedom Movement. Similarly, the city features among four scared sites to hold the “once-in-twelve-years” Hindu pilgrimage Kumbh Mela.

In essence, the importance of Allahabad emanates from its location of being at Triveni Sangam (the confluence of three rivers) where lakhs of Hindus gather from all across the world during the Kumbh Mela to take that holy dip. Full of haunting and enduring memories, the city holds the distinction to have been visited by the greats like Akbar, Harsha, Hiuen Tsang, Fa Hien, Dara Shikoh, Khusro and Queen Victoria.

Due to an eventful past and its historical association, Allahabad has a number of tourist attractions that draw a huge crowd right through the year. For religious souls, visiting Sangam (the confluence point) has no match. Allahabad Fort is another prominent site that depicts the immaculate architecture and craftsmanship of the Mughal era. A visit to the fort would also allow a view to Ashoka Pillar, Jodhabai Palace and Saraswati Kup.

A slice of history is on offer at the Anand Bhawan while Patalpuri Temple and Akshaya Vat delight for religious essence. Other notable places in Allahabad include Swaraj Bhawan, Khusrau Bagh, Hanuman Mandir, and Allahabad Museum etc. In overall, visit Allahabad to take a proud look into a city that has profound spiritual and historical impact on the world.