The ancient city of Vaishali is regularly visited by tourists, and it is a hot tourist destination in eastern India. This city is situated in the Indian state of Bihar. Vaishali is extremely famed and has been mentioned in different historical publications and even in well-liked myths. The city is renowned between both Buddhists and Jains, who travel here often.

The huge ancient city is one time said to have hosted 7707 parks and lotus ponds. You can see the ancient structures here that are at rest position as a silent indication to times of yore. An Ashokan Pillar can also be seen in the city of Vaishali.

Jains gather to the city in dozens because this city is supposed to be the birthplace of Bhagwan Mahavira. The city is thus a extremely significant religious destination for all Jains. Gautama Buddha is also said to have preached a lecture here, perhaps his last. There are a lot of monasteries and stupas in this area that attract a lot of tourist attention.

The most legendary stupas and places of Buddhist spiritual interest are artifact Stupa, World Peace Pagoda, Ananda Stupa and Kutagarasala Vihara. All these are have to visit places that you shouldn't overlook throughout your journey to Vaishali.