Sravasti is an old city that is situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The place is also recognized as Savathi. The area is linked with Buddha for lots of reasons and it one of the key places of attention for numerous Buddhists in the region. One can see many old buildings and structures that are near here. Jetavana Monastery is an olden monastery that was placed near Sravasti. The relics of Lord Buddha's hut can be seen at the monastery and it is sheltered with flowers by devotees. There is a Bodhi tree that is positioned in the monastery as well.

The old walls of the city of Sravasti are motionless present and this is a indication to the architectural intensity of the builders of that period. Three main buildings still stand within the city walls and these are the places to visit in Sravasti. The Jain temple, Ananthapindika Stupa and the Agulimala Stupa are the key attractions of the area. One can find many Buddhist monks in this place and many of them can be seen meditating under the Ananthabodhi tree. Many monasteries from diverse countries have been built in this place and these comprise Thailand, South Korea, China and Tibet.