Lavishing between the valuable diamonds and lusting greeneries, Panna in Madhya Pradesh State, the Diamond City of India and the previous capital of the Bundela Empire, is famous for diamond mining industries. Panna city, the secretarial headquarters of Panna District, is the center of lots of numbers of spiritual monuments, which show cases the architectural marvels of Hindu and Islamic styles.

The city has a unique place in the tourist map of Madhya Pradesh. Visits to the diamond mines, Ajaygarh Fort, Mahamati Prannathji Temple, Kalinjar Fort, National Museum and Panna National Park are captivating and knowledge for a existence.

Panna is one of the mainly respected pilgrim places for the Pranami sect group the world more. Panna with its energetic and vivacious atmosphere attracts a lot of to its Gangau Wildlife Sanctuary with extraordinary kind of animals and birds.

As per myths, Panna forests were sanctified with the stay of legendary Pandavas throughout their banish. Panna is well-known for India's younger tiger reserves, recognized in 1994. Panna National park was well-known from the hunting forests of previous royal kingdoms of Bijawar, Panna and Chhatarpur. Sandstone and diamond mining have been prosperous in Panna in a big way.

Panna is extremely peaceful and good-looking. Decorated with greenish meadows spotted with evergreen trees, rolling forests, hills and rocks, Panna serves as a ideal place for holiday tours and comforting.