Ranchi is a naturally blessed capital city of the newly carved eastern Indian state of Jharkhand. Perched atop the altitude of 2140 ft, the district is rich in minerals contributing to as much as half of the state’s total production. Lying in the valley of Chotanagpur, its scenic beauty and charms also fetch it the sobriquet of the ‘City of waterfalls and lakes’.

The landscape of Ranchi is dotted with waterfalls, hillocks and barren rocks that exist in cool and calm climate to make it a lovely destination for tourists. In essence, a sense of simplicity pervades that juxtaposes with the proximity to nature and its growing clout of trade and industry. Moreover, the city is a major political and educational hub of the eastern region with avenues for leisure and commerce.

For most part, Ranchi has been a land with abundance of lush green forests and trees bringing it dollops of natural beauty to catch the fancy of tourists. The scenic beauty of the city and its tranquil milieu is worth savoring for richness of hills, lakes, falls and gardens. That apart, the presence of many temples enhances its religious and spiritual essence making it a top pilgrimage of the region.

The chariot-shaped Sun Temple is a major attraction in Ranchi attracting a huge crowd of devotees for its annual 'Rath Yatra' in July. The Nakshatra Van and Rock Garden are ideal parks to gaze at rare species of flora and rejuvenate the heart, body and mind. The scenic charm of Hundru Fall, at 45 away, is truly unmatched, so give it a visit. 

Jagannathpur Temple is a key attraction in Ranchi, so it the Rajarappa Mandir and waterfall. The same place has the temple of Chinnamasta, temple Dakshin Kali and temple of Astamatrika. Other notable attractions here include Morhabadi hills and Jonha Fall. In overall, a trip to Ranchi would surely delight for its natural allure, calm setting and spiritual appeals.