Kushinagar, in eastern part of north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, is a world-renowned Buddhist pilgrimage in India for being the place where Lord Buddha attained the nirvana. Due to Buddha's Nirvana and his subsequent cremation, this place remains among the most frequented Buddhist sites in India. More so, temples and stupas dot the landscape, thus inviting tourists from far off places across the globe.

For many tourists, Kushinagar works as a gateway to visit other popular Buddhist sites of Lumbini and Kapilvastu, both however are in Nepal. Tourist attractions in Kushinagar are many, and the scared Buddhism shrine of Ramabhar Stupa- Lord Buddha's cremation site- ranks among them. The Nirvana Temple, among world's most frequented Buddhist sites, holds profound significance for being the death site of Lord Buddha.

The Mathakaut Temple - the site of where Lord Buddha last sermon was supposed to be delivered - is another worth visiting spot in Kushinagar. If the Watt Thai Temple delights for its lush greenery and inherent religiosity, then the Japanese Temple charms for its beauty and attached tales. The Chinese Temple in Kushinagar is a prime attraction for tourists for its distinct architecture of 'Han Chinese'.