Rajgir is a city that is to be found in the Nalanda district of the state of Bihar. The city is an early place and artifacts dating back to 1000 BC have been originate here. The city is situated in a valley and it bounded with rocky hillocks. Lots of Buddhist influences can be seen in the city and one can see Buddhist monks meditating at a place called Vultures Peak. This peaceful location serves to refresh equally the body and soul.

Lord Buddha is said to have delivered several sermons at the city of Rajgir. Lord Mahavir is also said to have to spend a number of amount of time at the city of Rajgir.

You can see lots of old remains and temples in the city, and there are bounty of places that can visited throughout the stay in Rajgir. The place is a well-liked holiday destination due to its calm and laid back nature.

The old city was nearby by a wall and a lot of it is in remains at the moment. Though various renovation work has been carried out in the wall. A 6th century fort is situated here and this might also be worth exploring. There are several caves that are situated about the place and these are fine seats for trekking.