Panchgani or the ‘Land of five hills’ is a distinguished hill station in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. An extremely beautiful place, the town is ideal escape from the chaos and jumble of a metropolis and delights the senses for its calm settings juxtaposing the fascinating natural splendor. The verdant surroundings are superbly completed by the fresh appeal and wholesome climate.

Bordered by craggy cliffs and tableland, Panchgani soars up to 1334 m, and a drive up there fetches a fascinating spectacle of winding past stretches of fields and red-roofed hamlets. Denser and greener scenery lies further upward with echoes of birds and thickets of trees ready to embrace. Once you enter the colonial-style town, a gust of fresh breeze welcomes giving it truly a laid-back, relaxing and invigorating feel.

Once in Panchgani, you savor the simple pleasures of a walk, ride, unwinding and tea-drinking amid the nature-induced tranquility. A gentle stroll around the park and plucking strawberries are never-to-miss activities here. Savor the natural splendors via trek or cycling, and feel like being in the ‘lap of nature’. Visit spectacular valleys, zigzag rivers, picturesque mountains and scattered hamlets – all this makes you live every moment of the stay here!

Places to see in Panchgani are many to give a gala time, none as stunning as the 'Table Land'. Visit this volcanic plateau and marvel at its flat surface. Don’t miss the Pandvgadh Caves and Rajpuri Caves. Spend some time at the Devil's Kitchen to feel the charm of the town. Take the time out for the Parsi Point -- a picnic joint.

Nearby to Panchgani is the city of Wai, which delights for amazing scenery along the banks of the Krishna River. The city has few temples of note that can’t be missed. The charming hill station of Mahabaleshwar is close by, and a visit here enriches with a scenic drive full of natural charms of unrivalled scale. In overall, a trip to Panchgani will bring you close to the nature and its myriad essences in the rawest form!