Surat is a famous historical town in the southern part of the western Indian state of Gujarat. A thriving center of trade and commerce, it prides for a remarkably prosperous history of political and mercantile importance. Textiles are a major industry here, and the cutting and polishing of over 92% of all the diamonds in the world take place to give it a supreme monopoly of the trade. 

Surat has the distinction of possessing the maximum number of embroidery machines in India winning the sobriquet of the "Embroidery capital of India". The trade-centric nature, coupled with the immeasurably rising industries of diverse nature, makes it the “commercial capital of Gujarat”. Historically too, the city has tremendous worth, particularly for once being a significant port on the western coast, in the times of the Mughal empire.

Moreover, Surat was the first European settlement in India, also hosted the Dutch and the Portuguese, and played a key role in the freedom struggle of the country. The town is awash with wonderfully rich memory of Mahatma Gandhi, as Dandi is precisely the local place that kick stated a major movement under his tutelage. The city has few sites of great importance for their role in the freedom struggle of India.

Once in Surat, take a trip to Bardoli and Swaraj Ashram to feel the nationalist sentiments of the erstwhile period. The Old Fort or Surat Castle is the monument not to miss for their profound impact. The eventful past of the city is best felt in many cemeteries of European descents. Being on the coastal region, there are few beaches of note to spend the quality time.

Surat has many places of religious note, including Chintamani Jain temple, Vir Narmad Saraswati Mandir, Jama Masjid, Parsi Agiari etc. Don’t forget to visit the sparkling beaches of Nargol, Tithal, Dandi and Dumas. Once here, visitors are sure to soak in the age-old charms living amicably with signs of prosperous industries. Visit Surat to feel the oodles of charms of a historical land that is surging ahead on the front of trade!