Indore, on the southern edge of Malwa Plateau, is considered the commercial capital of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The city has a rich history seeking it roots to the 16th century when it served as a trading center between Delhi and Deccan. In the medieval times, the Marathas and British ruled here, thus leaving behind a rich legacy visible even today.

The landscape of Indore is dotted with symbols of a rich cultural heritage, as some of great rules reigned here. Many historical monuments and religious places give a testimony to the illuminated past, and catch the attention of tourists. The appeal of architectural grandeur and mystery of historical enigma is worth a visit here. For tourists, the city has a lot to offer to soak in the moment and have a profound peep into the past.  

Chokhi Dhani Chokhi Dhani and Nakhrali Dhani resorts rank among foremost attractions here for exhibiting true colors and shades of Rajasthani heritage. The Central Museum or Indore Museum is a perfect place to gain knowledge of the Indian history and rich civilization of the pre-historic era. The Chattris of Indore not only display the architectural brilliance of the erstwhile Maratha rulers but also pay tribute to the Holkar rulers.

A slice of history can be had by visiting the Lal Baag Palace, a spectacular three-storey building of the 18th century. The Kanch Mandir is a ‘wonder in glass’, as only glass and mirrors are the constituents. Also known as Seth Hukamchand Temple, this temple is prime attraction for Jains. The seven-storeyed Rajwada is a historical palace that depicts the glory days of the Holkars.

Town Hall or Mahatma Gandhi Hall is a prominent building in Indore that displays Indo-Gothic structure. This hall holds varied exhibitions right through the year, and also includes a temple, a park for children and library. The Nehru Park is a must-visit place in the city to feel the British impact here. In overall, come to Indore to bask in the heritage and culture existing amicably alongside a thriving modernity!