Solapur is an important ancient historical and religious town in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. Located on the banks of river Sina, the town is a molting pot of diverse cultures assimilating people as varied as Marathi, Kannada and Telugu. A seat of the Shiva Yogi sect, a great number of pilgrimage centers exist that attract a huge number of devotees from all parts of the region.

Solapur prides for its rich heritage and glorious past having seen the sway and decline of many dynasties and rules. From an anonymous town to a thriving hub of tourism and commerce – the town has surely come a long way in adopting an identity that is multilingual and multifaceted. Fairs and festivals are the nerve of the region that brings forth its religious essence. 

From the Chalukyas to Yadavas, from Andhrabhratyas to Rashtrkutas, from Bahamanis to Bijapur Kings, from Maratha rulers to the British Raj – Solapur has witnessed the rules of these to bequeath a rich legacy. Also a leading Jain religious centre, the town is popular for Pandharpur, also called “the Dakshin Kashi of India” for great importance of Lord Vitthoba.

Near to Solapur is the popular pilgrim centre of Akkalkot – devoted to Lord Dattatreya.  The Swami Math and Vatavrikhsa Temple are two prime attractions here. Pay a visit to the Goddess Tulja Bhawani temple in Tuljapur, and also don’t miss paying homage at the Siddheshwar Temple. Take a tip to Fort Bhuikot – a magnificent monument to quench the thirst of those interested in the past of the town. 

Sightseeing in Solapur is a pleasing experience for its variety. Bird lovers must take the time out for the Motibaug Tank; wildlife fans can escape the charm of the Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary. Other notable sites include Revanisiddheshwar Temple, Ground Fort, Mallikarjuna Temple, Adinath Temple etc. In overall, Solapur is an ideal destination to revisit the past in the spiritual setting.