Bhimbetka is a magnificent archaeological treasure house located some 46 km south of Bhopal district in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. A UNESCO world heritage site, it promises to take one back to the prehistoric era for housing one of the oldest civilizations that dates back some 30,000 years. A beautiful destination, its rock-strewn escapades and plush green environs make it perfect site for a joyous relaxation and soothing rejuvenation with family and friends!

The Bhimbetka caves are a not only a valuable repository but also the largest “Treasure House” of Indian prehistoric art. Encircled by the northern borders of the Vindhya ranges, there exist over 600 shelters in the rough cliffs and rocky terrain that depict in vivid detail lives of cave dwellers via paintings. Relish the everyday chores of the ancestors with the help of panoramic paintings to grasp the scenes of dancing, horse riding, elephant riding, hunting etc.

Bhimbetka is an absolute heaven for those who look for pre-historic rock shelters and cave paintings in South Asia. Stretching over 10 km in length and around 3 km in width, the caves here have gradually transformed into rock shelters to become a perfect abode for aboriginal settlements. Similarly, notable rock art and societies flourished here due to the presence of helpful natural resources and living conditions.   

The landscape of Bhimbetka is rich in aesthetics, largely due to natural formation of sculpted rock against the pulsating backdrop of verdant, thickly wooded vegetation. That means, nature lovers greatly like to spend time here to savor the offerings. The cave paintings here also stand out for their striking similarity to those available in countries like France and Australia, thus giving it more “curiosity quotient”!

A visit to the rock-shelters and caves of Bhimbetka is akin to tracing the primitive human race and witnessing evidence of the transformation of primitive man to medieval man. Moreover, the place has mythical connections, as it’s supposed to be the resting place of one of five Pandav brothers – Bhima. In overall, come to this unique destination to get swayed by the astonishing beauty of outstanding rock caves!