The city of Amritsar is a impressive platform of mix traditions and secular culture. A flourishing city with significant pious centers and historical sites. Amritsar exhibits a wonderful past, superb present and a confident future. A important city of Majha region, it has been allowed the important title of the Jewel of Punjab. A wealthy store of national heritage and religion, it has been famous as the house of all virtues.

A synonym of Sikh religion, every religious Sikh needs to be sacred with a pilgrimage to Amritsar and to have a great bath at the Golden Temple. A holiday to Amritsar is hypothetical to wash the soul of the pilgrim. An incarnation of Sikh faith, the center of Punjab's political relationships, an opening to the Gulf Countries, a alert guard at the Indo-Pak border, Amritsar adorns a extraordinary place in the Indian subcontinent.

An image of argument beside the British dictatorship and the center of Akali movements, Amritsar recalls the violent attack of the Muslim invaders of the medieval India. Amritsar is like a pastille with several features. The crucial power of the city deceit in its sparkling monuments, holy temples, attractive shrines and most of all in its folk arts and the delicious cuisine.

Sanctified with a friendly and welcoming people, who are, dependable, informal, and cheerful with a magnificent eagerness. They are fond of good cuisine, good dress and all the good facilities in life. Amritsar is not just an usual Indian city bestowed with great attractions, on the additional hand it displays a dramatic stylishness and a existence. In spite of its modern viewpoint, the city still conserve and emanates a very important and inspiring individuality.