Rajkot is a prominent historical city in the vibrant western Indian state of Gujarat. Lying on the banks of the Aji and Nyari Rivers, the city has a rich past with the imprints of many dynasties upon the landscape. A major commerce and trade center, it is popular for the remains of the past, its British legacy, its being the home of Mahatma Gandhi, and also for relaxed people.

Founded in 1620 AD, Rajkot witnessed great development of art, culture and education in further times, especially during the British times. A multicultural city, it prides for producing many intellectuals who brought impetus to the freedom struggle of the country, none more notable than the local man – Mahatma Gandhi. The present day city is the commercial capital of the North West Gujarat region, Saurashtra.

Sightseeing in Rajkot is truly a memorable experience akin to taking a stroll down the glorious past. A trip to Jubilee Garden enriches for numerous monuments of the Imperial times. The garden has many worth-visiting sites nearby, including the momentous Mohandas Gandhi High School. A visit to the famed Watson Museum gives a peek into a big compilation of objects of the colonial times.

Rajkot gives visitors a chance to marvel at old artifacts Mohenjodaro to be in awe of the ancient worth of the country. No place signifies the city as much as Kaba Gandhi No Delo – the house where Gandhi spent his childhood days. The esteemed Rajkumar College is a must-watch site for its colonial connection. The college is a true testimony of the academic finery of the erstwhile city. 

The Community Science Centre and Planetarium is a perfect place when kids are with you. Once here, you can enjoy audio and video shows to relish the cultural depth of the city. The Rotary Dolls Museum is an interesting place, especially if dolls get your fancy. In overall, Rajkot is a city that wraps innunermable tales of the past. Come here and take the veil off to witness the spectacle on offer.