Guwahati, in Eastern India, is considered one of most beautiful places for its natural delights, religious sites and education centres. A holy site of Hinduism, it's known for its striking surroundings, charming hill, spiritual shades, beautiful temples, pleasing lakes and even luscious tea gardens. What's more, shopping centres and eating joints further add to the charm of this ancient town.

Temples are a major tourist attraction in Guwahati, and some of foremost among them include the Kamakya temple, the Sukreshwar temple, the Ugro Thara temple, the Umananda temple, the Batista temple and the Navagraha temple. Besides temples, tourists take pleasure in places like the Assam state Zoo, the state Planetarium, the state museum and the river Brahmaputra, a major tourist attraction in Guwahati.

Tourist attractions in Guwahati also include many shopping bazaars (markets), majorly of them are the Pan Bazar, the Ganeshguri, the Paltan Bazar, the Palton Bazar, the Fancy Bazar, the Belatola Bazar etc. Vibrant and colourful places are many here that give a peep into the great culture of India. And with all such places of interest, Guwahati indeed becomes a place to visit!