Kalimpong, a hill station in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal, is a paradise of utmost natural beauty. Exquisite beauty and all-round splendour makes it a "jewel in the crown of the imposing Himalayas" thus inviting tourists in great numbers. Kalimpong delights tourists for many attractions, including the panoramic sight of the mountain ranges, traditional Gompas, flower nurseries etc.

Places of tourist interest in Kalimpong include the traditional Gompas or monasteries, which are three in number and hold utmost importance for Buddhists, including Tharpa Choling Monastery, Tongsa Gompa and Zong Dog Palri Fo-Brang Monastery. The Durpin Dara Hill, the observatory point, charms for its giving of a splendid sight of the mountains and the plains. The Lepcha Museum & Monastery give a peek into the Lepcha - the natives of Kalimpong.

Tourists can also visit the Dr Graham's Home, a 100-year old Scottish missionary, which is now an educational institute. Flower nurseries are other attraction here wherein the town is a major flower- producing hub of India. The Neora Valley National Park is a rich biological zone with wide variety of flora and fauna to keep tourists interested.