The city of Bundi in Rajasthan has a number of historical structures and monuments but none meets the beauty and scale of the Taragarh Fort, or Star Fort. Built in 1354, this imposing fort stands proudly upon a steep hillside and appears more like a ramshackle structure. The fort has three massive gateways but of all them are now in ruins. The fort offers stunning views of the city and environs in the Aravali hills.

Taragarh Fort is considered an impressive structure but most of its parts are now in decrepit state. Visitors here can see thicket of overgrown vegetation which makes it look like an abandoned fort. Three of its gateways are named Lakshmi Pol, Gagudi Ka Phatak and Phuta Darwaza. In its heydays, the fort was popular for tunnels crisscrossing the entire hillside but they are not found these days.

Taragarh Fort is supposed to have been built by Chauhan Rulers and in those days, it used to beautiful but seems to have lost the shine over time. Within the fort complex is a small palace, known as Rani Mahal. This palace used to serve the wives and concubines of the erstwhile rulers. A heavy use of murals and stained glass was done in making of the palace, but all is faded now.