In the princely western Indian state of Rajasthan is located the Ana Sagar Lake - a historical artificial lake in the city of Ajmer. The lake is one of major draws for tourists in a charming city that is surrounded by the wonderful Aravalli Hills. The lake together with the revered shrine Ajmer Sharif makes Ajmer a popular tourist destination in the state.

The striking and scenic Ana Sagar Lake is an 11th century man-made structure that stretches over to an area of 13 km. Constructed in 1135-1150 AD by the grandfather of legendary Hindu warrior Prithviraj Chauhan, the lake was built to take care of the wellbeing of the city and its people of that time. As King Anaji Chauhan was the force behind this massive lake, it was thus duly named after him and the trends continues even centuries later. 

At that time, a dam was raised across the Lavanavri River and the local people helped in the building of the catchments. In later years, it’s was the Mughal emperors who beautified the lake further. Apart from the imprints by the legendary Mughal kings Shahjahan and Jehangir, the lake also found tutelage from the British. In essence, once you’re in Ajmer, make sure to visit the Ana Sagar Lake and take a heart-pleasing trip in the medieval glory of India.