Once the capital of a powerful kingdom, the Raipur of today is a capital town of the newly created central Indian state of Chhattisgarh. A land of rich history and culture, the district has distinct physical features of plain lands and hilly areas, largely due to the adjacent Mahanadi valley and the neighboring hills. Existing since the 9th century, its richness of the past makes it a unique city in many ways.  

Raipur has seen the sway of many dynasties and rulers, including Satawahana Kings, Southern Kosal, Maurya Kingdom, Haihaya Kings. Over the centuries, the region lost it glory in a gradual way and remained ‘obscure’ for long before the rebirth as a new-state capital. The ruins here are still a testament of a glorious past; the ramparts displaying the wounds, while temples and lakes depicting the way of life of the bye-gone eras.

Sightseeing in Raipur is truly a lovely experience as sites here carry the powerful imprints of an eventful history and age-old culture. The 18th century Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum is a major attraction here for bringing forth the richness of archaeology and anthropology. Revisit the natural history of the town, gaze at the essences of tribal culture via the exhibitions of items in the museum. 

The octagonal-shaped Mahakoshal Art Gallery is a key site in Raipur attracting visitors for the exhibition of art works belonging to the local people. The 17th century Doodhadhari Monastery and Temple – devoted to Lord Rama – is a popular religious site in the city housing attractive murals. Visit the Mahamaya Temple, dedicated to goddess Durga and inviting a huge crowd of religious souls. 

The city of Raipur has a site for nature enthusiasts - Budhapara Lake. This 14th century structure has a rich history and ranks among the most visited in the city. For spiritual souls, the trip is incomplete without visiting the 18th century Vivekananda Ashram. In overall, Raipur may not have some renowned sites but it has enough variety, soaked with the traces of past, to give you a quality time.