Vijayawada is a famous city of religious, archeological and historical importance in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Lying on the banks of river Krishna, it’s a thriving business hub with a sprinkling mix of monuments and temples. A nerve center of state’s politics, the modern day city is a publishing paradise and a link between South and North of the country.

Vijayawada is awash in marvelous scenic beauty due to encircling of water bodies on three sides and a mountain, on the forth. It has been a spectator to sway and decline of many empires, including the Gajapathis of Orissa, the Eastern Chalukayas and the Vijayanagar Empire. The associated legends and myths, particularly the ones belonging to Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga, further elevate its stature.

The city of Vijayawada has also seen the colonial pomp, and at present, is flanked by small cottages villages that help in rise of the industry. The city has a unique identity, thanks to the Indrakiladri hills and the Budameru River, respectively on the West and North sides. Sightseeing here is truly a pleasing experience for variety of sites, including religious, natural and historical.

Places of religious merit are plenty in Vijayawada, including Kanka Durga temple, Vaishnavite temples, Amareswara and the Saint Mary’s Church. Your love of archeology will find perfect avenues in the form of Mogalarajapuram caves, the Undavali caves and the Gandhi Stupa. The past of the city can be felt at the Kondapalli Fort. The Bhavani Island is another prominent place worth a visit.

Vijayawada has places of worth for nature lovers as well, and the Rajiv Gandhi Park is surely worth a trip. See a charming lake that has come out from the Prakasham Barrage. Visit Hazarat Bal Mosque where a holy relic of Prophet Mohammed is kept. In overall, Vijayawada has ample of sites and attractions to serve as a perfect holiday destination for a quality time!