Nawalgarh is a historical place in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. It is situated in a region famous for art and architecture particularly exquisitely painted havelis. It’s a small locality centering round the Nawalgarh Fort – a fort built in 18th century by Rajput Chieftain Nawal Singh.The sprawling fort is home to a number of havelis that are famous worldwide for their stunning architecture of the highest variety.

The architecture of Nawalgarh Fort is renowned for some of the finest frescoes in the region. A cluster of havelis to the west of the fort are known as Aath Havelis. Further, visitors can see the European influence on the frescoes and murals displayed here. The majority of paintings here may not be in prime state but they still give a peek into the transition in the traditional painting of the region.

The Nawalgarh Fort or Bala Kila Fort may look largely disfigured today due to the timespan of centuries they continue to evoke romance of the glorious medieval era. At present, the fort is site to bank branches and other modern attractions. At just one km distance from this fort is located the popular Roop Niwas Palace which is now a heritage hotel and enchants guests for its well-laid garden and fountains.