Kasauli, in Solan district of the northern hilly state of Himachal Pradesh, is a charming hill town with all-round scenic splendour. Set-up in 1842 and located at a height of 1,800 metres, this sleeping charming town is visited by tourists for its scenic beauty, age-old-charm and colonial flavours. Gabled houses, winding   pathways, manicured gardens and lush-green landscape lend Kasauli an utmost charm to delight tourists no end.

Tourist attractions are not here in great number, but whatever is available, delights tourists profoundly. The Monkey Point, a temple atop the hill, is a prime attraction for its striking views of the plains below. With mythical tale attached, this spot gets the maximum number of tourists who visit Kasauli. What's more, the spectacular view of the Sutlej River makes this spot even more endearing for visitors.

Tourist attractions in Kasauli also include the Lower and Upper Mall road, which are lined with a wide variety of striking trees, namely pine, oak, juniper and chestnut. If eating joins delights tourists in the Lower Mall, then the Upper Mall pleases for its long quaint walking prospects. The British-era Christ's Church draws tourists for its ancient gothic-style architecture, stained glass decor and lush green environs.