In Jhunjhunu district of the Shekhwatri Region of Rajasthan is located the Mukundgarh Fort historical and architectural significance. The fort, now a heritage hotel, is ideal for those looking a short escape from the bustle and chaos of the city life into a quiet and serene place. A visit here is sure to take you backwards in time when the world moved at a laid-back place.  

Mukundgarh Fort is an 18th century structure which was named after Raja Mukund Singh. The courtyards and balconies of the fort look like hanging on the air as they are designed in such a tasteful manner. If the arches on the windows and corridors exhibit the unique architecture of the erstwhile tie, then the styles of the fort are a true testimony to the opulent lifestyles led by the kings in those days. 

At present time, the Mukundgarh Fort serves as a heritage hotel and invites guests from across the world and delights them with unrivalled hospitality. The magnificently decorated hotel brings the best of facilities and amenities and pamper the guests as if they are royalty. With multi-cuisine restaurant, a blue swimming pool and shopping plazas – guests can expect a truly wonderful stay at this heritage hotel and experience opulence.