Fort Chanwa is one of famous heritage sites of Luni, Rajashan and is an exceptional example of elegance and symmetry in Indian architecture. This fort is made with famous red sandstone of Jodhpur and attracts thousands of tourists for its carved arms. This beautiful heritage was restored by its owner Maharaja Dalip Singh Ji, who was the youngest son of H.H. Maharaja Umaid Singh Ji Jodhpur.

Each room of the Fort Chanwa is decorated with its own charms and offers a setting and ambiance worthy of capturing your heart. The traditional paintings on the walls is the main attraction of this fort and it also represents the skills of the master craftsmen of the erstwhile period of Indian history. The small village of Luni is also known for its artwork and demonstrates the art skills of their ancestors.

This village is also famous for its famous Rajasthani colorful clothes all over the world. This village is popular for its Camel or Jeep Safari. Fort Chanwa is also ideal place who are looking to host their ceremony in royal Rajasthani style. This fort has 62 rooms and attracts tourists for its historical artifacts, fine art and jewelry. The venue has two large courtyards, which are perfect for host any wedding and special event.