Fort Chanwa Luni was earlier a fortress but now a heritage some 40 km away from Jodhpur in Rajasthan. It provides you amazing experience of a traditional Rajasthani lifestyle and hospitality. Guests here can enjoy all modern amenities amid perfect settings and get a peek into the history and architecture of the region. From wifi, restaurant, swimming pool, 24 hours room services, currency exchange facilities etc. – it offers everything to keep guests overjoyed.

Further, Fort Chanwa Luni also organizes a cultural show for organizations and groups. Many tourists get one day camel safari and enjoy visiting villages, seeing local handicrafts and pottery and getting a hang of the local culture from close hands. In fact, it’s an ideal place for hosting a royal wedding ceremony and let the guests have an amazing royal traditional experience. This fortress looks stunning at sunset. 

Fort Chanwa Luni is a perfect place a family trip and also to host some big-ticket ceremony. It’s decorated with colorful light in evening that lends it a unique charm as well. It has a total of 31 rooms with unique design and decoration and let guests experience traditional culture of the place. Plan a trip to this wonderful place and add value to your ceremonies for sure!