Mangalore, to the south of Arabian Sea in the state of Karnataka, is a port city and charming natural spot. This green city is dotted with rolling hills, bountiful vistas and gorgeous palm trees to become an idyllic tourist spot. Tourists throng Mangalore for its enormous natural splendour and glorious past of maritime activities to enjoy a perfect vacation in the midst of nature.

Mangalore has many tourist attractions to cater varied needs of discerning guests in the best way possible. The 11th century Kadri Manjunath Temple is a prime attraction here for being an ancient and religious spot. The black-stone structure of Sultan Battery reminds tourists of the glorious past of Tipu Sulthan. The 100-year old St. Aloysius Church catches attention for its series of remarkably drawn paintings that dot the walls and interior.

Mangalore is not only a tourist spot, but also a religious hub for its several sacred temples. Among many well-known temples here, the Sri Mahaganapathi Kshetra Temple is the most popular for its shades of historicity and acute religious significance. Maravanthe is another spot which has a beautiful beach, and is frequented by tourists for its sheer beauty. The Malpe Beach is pristine and charms tourists for its tranquil settings and picnic outings.