St Aloysius Church is an 18th century structure located in the heart of Mangalore city, Karnataka. Built by Rev Father Joseph Willy, it stands out for its style and architectural closeness to the world-popular Sistine Chapel at Rome. Atop the Light House Hill in the campus of St Aloysius College, the church attracts tourists and devotees alike in hordes for its breathtaking architectural splendors and patters. 

St Aloysius Church is truly breathtaking and much of its visual charms come from a variety of paintings adorning the ceiling. You can see fresco paintings and oil canvas paintings bringing the ceiling a surreal architectural glow. The ceiling has portraits of many saints, and the Crowing of the Cock is one of them. You can visit the chapel to marvel at the artwork and architecture.  

St Aloysius Church is unique in comparison to other chapels in India as ever inch of the wall is covered with beautiful paintings. There are paintings depicting the life of Aloysius Gonzaga – the saint who gave up worldly pleasures and dedicated his life the service of the mankind. Once in Mangalore, you should visit this chapel to understand history and architecture together.