At a distance of 4 km from the city of Mangalore in Karnataka is located the popular Kadri Shri Manjunatha Temple. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, into the calm and serene rural settings, this ancient temple is surrounded by supreme natural beauty and awe-inspiring picturesque scenes. This temple attracts tourists and devotees alike, and it’s a rich history to tell as well.    

Dating back to 1068 A.D., Kadri Shri Manjunatha Temple ranks among the ancient temples in the region and without doubt, it’s great place to be. The temple, possessing the Vijayanagara style of structure, is a place where scenic splendor of the Kadri hills adds to its overall charm. The site holds historical value as it’s enriched with laterite mounds cut out from pre-historic caves.

In a sense, Kadri Shri Manjunatha Temple is rich in religious and historical significance which is the reason of its popularity. This beautiful 10th century temple on the hills of Kadri was converted to a stone structure somewhere during the 14th century. The temple has an idol of Lord Manjunathaswamy which is considered oldest among the South Indian Temples.