Kudroli Gokarnath Temple or Gokarna Natheshwara Temple is a popular temple in the Kudroli area of Mangalore, Karnataka. Dedicated to Gokarnanatha (a form of Lord Shiva), it was built in 1912 and it is known for its secular ethos as here praying for god is encourage regardless of the religion, caste and creed. The Dussera festival is celebrated with great pomp and fervor and attracts a large number of visitors and devotees alike.  

Kudroli Gokarnath Temple has a tower-like structure or Gopuram that has elaborate decorations of murals depicting gods and goddesses of various hues. In fact, murals are a major attraction for portraying scenes from Hindu epics and legends. Such is the popularity and craze of the dussera celebrations of this temple that it’s often referred to as the Mangalore Dussera. The temple has idols of Sharada Matha, Maha Ganapati and Nava Durgas.

During the Dussera celebrations, the temple observes the ritual of taking a tableaux around the main streets of Mangalore. The fervor and festivities continue for nine days and then on the tenth day, a grand procession takes place. On the next day morning, idols are immersed in the lake located inside the temple premise to conclude the spectacular festival.