Bhuj, a town in the Kutch district of Gujarat, is an amalgamation of rich ancient tales and equally prosperous historical fairytales. It's a town where prehistoric archaeological events, leftovers of the Indus Valley Civilization and tales of Alexander the Great's exist side by side. In the midst of historical tombs, palaces and plethora of monuments, the town traces its origin to its  Jadeja Rajputs rulers and to the imperial charm.

In terms of tourist attractions, Bhuj invites visitors for its charming palaces of the   traditional Kutchi style. The Aina Mahal or the Palace of Mirrors (Old Palace) and the Prag Mahal (New Palace) are prime attractions here. Other attractions in Bhuj include the Kuchch Museum or Ferguson Museum, Sarad Bagh Palace, Swaminarayan Temple and Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Kachch (folk museum).

Tourists enjoy excursions from Bhuj to nearby villages to feel the sense of history and culture. If Bhujjodi can be visited to witness the art form of weaving, then Padhar and Dhaneti would charm tourists for its traditional Ahir embroidery. If Dhamanka invites the lovers of block printing and Lilpur attracts embroidery connoisseurs, then Anjar gives a peek into block printing and conventional betel nut crackers.