Ken Gharial Sanctuary is a popular tourist attraction in the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. Stretching over an area of 45.201 sq. kms, this sanctuary for alligators on the confluence of Ken River and Khudar River is a major draw for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Its closeness to Khajuraho temples and Panna national park makes it even more appealing to visitors from all parts of the country.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary is often enjoyed as an excursion tour and those who come here also visit Raneh water fall site. With a guide in tow, you can visit through the sanctuary, know its history, broaden your knowledge about the gharials and get lots of other valuable information about the sanctuary. You will enjoy the landscape here which is dominated by green forests, deep gorges, rocky outcrops and waterfalls.

A visit to the Ken Gharial Sanctuary delights for its adventure prospects and also for photogenic landscape. The best time to visit the sanctuary is after the monsoon, between November to April, when the water recedes and the landscape comes alive in true greenery. Sun-basking gharials, colorful rocky shades, bird-watching and spotting a wide range of wild animals (including Deer, Wild boar, Nilgai etc.) are some of other attractions of this sanctuary.