A rendezvous with serenity awaits you. Visit the Pandav Caves and Falls to get drenched in mythologies, legends and tales of the great warriors Pandavas. It’s a place where the Pandavas (of Mahabharata times) took haven during their legendary exile. The place is great for nature lovers and mythology enthusiasts alike as it delights them all for its waterfalls, lush green environs and a deep lake.

Pandav Caves and Falls are a popular tourist attraction in the Panna National Park, and they are located some 12 km away from Panna city, Madhya Pradesh.The falls are very beautiful as they are formed by the streams coming out from local springs. These water-filled falls are a great attraction during all seasons, including the monsoon. At the base of this 100 high waterfall is a big pool and close to the pool are some ancient caves.

These very caves are believed to be the shelter the Pandavas took during their exile years. The presence of thick vegetation lend the place a unique appeal making it a popular picnic spot for visitors as well as locals. But the place is a major delight for those interested in mythology and natural beauty together. So, do visit these caves and falls and have a great time in the midst of nature.