Christ Church is a beautiful church located in the hill station of Kasauli - a small town of Himanchal Pradesh established by the British Government in 1942. This church, constructed by a British family in 1844, is the oldest one in the valley of Kasauli. Over the years, it has become as the center of the heritage area of Kasauli town. This church is designed in mysterious Gothic style architecture and features a clock tower in the font.

The church is beautiful and decorated with Spanish & Italian stained glass window. This church was known Anglican Church till 1970 and after being adopted by CNI it was renamed "Christ Church". It has been a major attraction for tourists from all sections of the society. Giving a distinct feel of a structure in a British town, Christ Church is without doubt a major attraction in the town of Kasauli.

This church is made with grey stone and brick exterior. The roof of the Christ Church is renovated with green metal sheeting. The structure has a courtyard in the front and is filled with rich greenery. This church is located near the bus stand and is easily accessible by the tourists. This Church looks beautiful in the time of sunset and makes rainbow on the church window.