Parwanoo is a little yet charming hill station bordering Haryana and Himanchal Pradesh. Just 48 km off Jammu, it is a beautiful place and attracts visitors for   trekking, cable car rides and sightseeing. Timber Trail at Parwanoo is basically a cable car ride over the fields of fruit gardens and lush green areas beneath. The trail is breathtaking in true sense as it offers mesmerizing views and enriches with natural delights.

Parwanoo is close to places like Pinjore, Renuka Lake or Kasauli thus visitors have no dearth of options for sightseeing. Since the village is encircled by hills covered with lush green vegetation, the prospect of Timber Trail at Parwanoo makes visitors delighted no end. Atop 2500 feet sea level, this village is nestled in the foots of scenic Trikuta Mountains and gives visitors a prospect to explore the beauty of Himachal Pradesh.

Timber Trail at Parwanoo enriches you with views of vast orchards and pleasing vistas. Once here, you are sure to enjoy the natural beauty and their rich essences for sure. Here, you can enjoy leisurely walks around the fruit orchards and get charming panorama of the area. The cable car ride is undoubtedly the biggest draw here and it lets you get breathtaking vistas below from a steep height.