The hilly town of Kasauli in Himanchal Pradesh has lots of tourist attractions and the Monkey Point is one of them. It’s the highest point in the town located just 4 km from the heart of the city. The place has religious significance and offers breathtaking vistas of places stretching afar. On this very hill is located a small temple which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman (the Lord of Monkey).

As per a legend of the Ramayana, the Monkey Point is the place where the feet of Lord Hanuman touched some part of the Kasuli hilltop (while he was returning from the Himalayas after finding the magical herb “Sanjivani Booti”). That’s why, this place holds utmost significance for devotees of Hanuman, and it’s the reason why it’s called the Monkey Point. This place is crowded by a big number of monkeys on a regular basis.

When you visit the Monkey Point on a starry and clear night, you get breathtaking views of Chandigarh and the Sutlej River from the top. Nature lovers love this place a lot as they can spend here a quality and quiet time in the midst of mesmerizing scenic views and soothing ambience. Visit this place where hopping monkeys and scenic beauty reminds you of the link between the spirituality and natural charms!