Chiplun, located on the banks of the River Vashishti, is a cultural and natural city in Ratnagiri district of the state of Maharashtra. Sandwiched between serene Goa and crowded Mumbai, this tiny hamlet catches the attention of tourists for its endless vistas that stretch for miles to delight tourists. Hordes of tourists flock here during the rainy seasons when the entire landscape covers a tinge of grass, when the Vashisthi River keeps gushing out and when the panoramas of luscious food and knick-knacks cover the town.

Tourist attractions in Chiplun are many, and the 700-year-old Parshuram Temple tops the list for its antiquity and religious charms. If the striking Sawatsada Waterfall remains the photographer's delight during the monsoons, then the Karanjeshwari Temple and Shree Dev Someshwar Temple complement the religious sightseeing. If the Vashisiti River attracts for its pleasurable motorboat rides, family picnics and outings, then the Gowalkot Fort delights for its panoramic views of the valley.

Koyna Dam is one of prime tourist spots in Chiplun for offering fabulous views of the region. If the Guhagar Beach promises to be a perfect getaway and picnic spot, then the virgin beach and a temple dedicated to Shiva, Shri Vyadeshwar Temple, would be charm at Veleneshwar. Other attractions here include Hedvi, the site of a Ganpati Temple, and Walawalkar Shivaji Museum.